Alpharetta, GA – Marsha Butler is an executive coach, business consultant, and the founder of The Butler Initiative, where she specializes in helping leaders who are focused on their personal and professional growth, leadership development, as well as organizational innovation and transformation, to help align organizations with their business goals and strategic priorities.

“Organizations got very used to only caring about the bottom line with limited intention behind changing their culture,” says Marsha. “The 21st century organization means more women, more people of color and more intergenerational workers. Organizations must prepare for this future now. Diversity, equity inclusion impacts us at all levels, and there’s much more work to be done.”

Prior to launching The Butler Initiative, Marsha was a transformative, executive-level leader in a global consumer products company, with a primary focus on corporate social responsibility, global marketing, social impact and non-profit engagement.

With an understanding of corporate America as an African American woman and how to navigate the obstacles to grow and develop, Marsha empowers women and people of color to reach their maximum potential and grow into the leaders we need.

“I enjoy working with leaders who are looking to grow and transition in their lives,” says Marsha. “My role as a coach is to help them become aware of who they are today and help them to understand their emotional and social capacity for growth, change and to reach their set goals in the future.”