“Marsha Butler guides me to recognize my strengths. In our discussions, I am responsible for doing the work to define my path to success.  The outcomes of our conversations are always working towards a plan/roadmap, which has helped me think about long-term goals. I recommend Marsha to any professional who is ready to do the work to define the next stages of success in their career journey.”

Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Scholastic

Marsha Butler’s coaching is game changing and has helped me create a vision to live my best life with passion, purpose, and joy. I am so glad I had the chance to work with her! I know where I’m going and have a plan to get there!”


Senior Executive Vice President, Macy's

Marsha Butler’s coaching honed my wisdom as an executive. In a technical way the coaching helped me integrate my work-life interface to become a much higher performing leader. I encourage any executive to work with Dr. Butler (Marsha) who is seeking a fuller sense of self, especially if they are seeking a breakthrough for the next phase of their career.”

CEO, Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest

“Marsha’s effectiveness as a coach lies in her ability to really tailor her approach to the unique needs of her individual clients.  Her warmth, emotional intelligence and highly perceptive nature combine to provide a supportive and encouraging environment in which one thrives.  Marsha draws from a wealth of wide-ranging corporate experience and expertise that informs her coaching practice, and has personally helped me to develop my capabilities as a female leader.  In every session with Marsha, I have advanced my career objectives and walked away with a deeper sense of personal growth, which I very much attribute to her.”

Executive Coach and Organizational Design Consultant

“I truly enjoyed being coached by Marsha and I learned a ton of things during the coaching sessions! I felt so privileged and lucky to get the opportunity to have this experience.  The principles I learned from Marsha will always serve as my guidance throughout my career and life.  I thank Marsha for all the support and for showing me how to uncover my strengths and how to work on my weaknesses.”

Senior Technology Associate, Colgate-Palmolive

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